Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nissan Thermos

I consider myself to be something of a water bottle connoisseur - I always have one on me and have at one time owned most of the greats including the classic and updated Nalgenes, Klean Kanteen, Kor, and the good old plastic Evians. Although I have made good use of the aforementioned bottles, I'd yet to find the bottle. As such, my ears perked up when, while on the cruise, Maggie claimed to have found the "perfect" water bottle - the Nissan thermos ( ). Though I was intrigued, I'd been down that road before: someone takes a casual sip from their newest sporty accessory then casually mentions how their life has been revolutionized by the bottle that is getting cooler and cooler the longer you look at it. Skip to two months later after you've invested in the bottle for yourself only to find that the lid doesn't stay on and the bottle doesn't stay upright. Suffice it to say I had my doubts. But Maggie made drinking out of that thing look like so much fun - I had to try it. I've had mine now for about a week. After much contemplation and experimentation, I feel I am in a decent position to review it. Here are my thoughts:

In my opinion, when evaluating the quality of a water bottle, one should consider how it compares to others bottles in terms of the following domains: 1. mobility, 2. topple potential, 3. spillage, 4. sippage, 5. content, 6. appearance, and 7. price on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 = comparable to the best, 1 = comparable to the worst).

1. Mobility: This term simply refers to how cumbersome or easy it is to travel with the bottle. Without any improvements, I'd say the Nissan scores about a 6. Mobility is the bottle's greatest weakness. There is no easy finger loop or strap for carrying it, which means you basically have to carry it by hand. The Klean Kanteens ran into the same problem and ultimately ended up selling an alternative top to address the issue, although the desirable cap must be purchased separately ( ). Unfortunately, Nissan offers nothing at the moment to facilitate mobility; as such, I fashioned a water bottle sling out of Velcro from Mat's drum kit and an extra strap I had lying around (see picture). With the sling in place, I'd say the Nissan earns about a 9 in mobility - darn near perfect (if I do say so myself)!

2. Topple potential: Simply put: how likely is it that your bottle will topple over? Unfortunately, the Nissan is a bit top heavy, which means it doesn't take much to knock it over. It fits in the cup holders in my car, but the cup holders aren't deep enough to keep it from falling over. The Nissan is definitely not as bad as the Kor bottle when it comes to topple potential (if you look at the Kor funny it goes flying), but it isn't nearly as sturdy as the Klean Kanteens. Unfortunately there is no easy fix for this problem:( As such, I give the Nissan a 7 when it comes to topple potential.

3. Spillage: Related to topple potential, spillage concerns the potential for leakage. In other words, will the bottle dump water all over you when you go to take a sip and/or if toppled over will it spill water? As this is one of the few factors that can result in public humiliation on account of the water bottle, I consider this a very important category. I'm happy to report that the Nissan is very sturdy and I've yet to experience much if any leakage upon drinking or spilling. It's probably equivalent to the Klean Kanteen on this front; I give it a 9.

4. Sippage: In other words, is it pleasurable to drink from this bottle? In many ways, I consider this the true test of a bottle's quality. If it has a sturdy top, that enables you to quench your thirst without choking from a cascade of water, you are in luck. Again, the Nissan provides excellent sippage. I'd go so far as to say that it is one of the most enjoyable bottles to drink from on the market today. I consider it superior to Klean Kanteen and Kor, and far better than the wide rim Nalgenes from back in the day. Final score: 10.

5. Content: Basically, the effect the bottle has on the water or other liquid you are using it to transport. This is where the Nissan blows all other bottles out of the water (pun intended) as it is a THERMOS. Water stays cool, while tea and coffee stay hot. You cannot gauge the temperature of the content by the outside (i.e. if you pour something hot into the bottle it will not scald your hand when you pick it up). I think any water bottle would be hard pressed to beat a thermos when it comes to insulation. As for the effect it has on the taste of your water, again, the Nissan is unmatched. I found that even Klean Kanteen sometimes imparted an alkaline after taste on my water. My final score for the Nissan is a 10 when it comes to content.

6. Appearance: This is pretty straight forward - how pretty is your bottle? Unfortunately, Nissan isn't the sexiest bottle on the market. Klean Kanteens are getting increasingly stylish and even Kor now has a range of colors to choose from. The Nissan looks like... well, it looks like a thermos. It now comes in espresso, in an addition to the standard silver, but it's definitely lagging behind the competition when it comes to appearance. Final score: 7.

7. Price: Can you afford it? The Nissan is pricey (about 30 dollars on Amazon). That said, it is a thermos and they are typically more expensive than standard water bottles. Given that Klean Kanteens run between 15 and 30 dollars, I actually think the Nissan is a pretty good deal. Also, they offer a lifetime warranty - which I've found in the past to be invaluable when dealing with water bottles as mechanical tops often break. The mouth piece is stellar and, as a thermos, it is already insulated, so you shouldn't need to purchase anything beyond the bottle (unless of course you decide to go for a sling). As such, I'd say it is well priced. Final score: 8

Final thoughts: The Nissan is a great bottle. Thermos is definitely the way to go. It would be much improved if it weren't so top heavy and if it came with a sling or strap, but, relative to the competition, this is a great bottle!

Final grade: A


Joe said...

Excellent review. My espresso colored one is coming soon (ordered 3 weeks ago) so I'm excited. I had no idea you were such a water bottle geek. Once I get my new water bottle I shall credit you with giving me the idea of getting it as opposed to anyone else.

Maggie said...

How much for the strap?! I'm in!
I really enjoyed your review. I have a few tidbits to add as well.

I agree on all fronts on your ratings. I have to add that the content- as in the amount of liquid it holds- is where I have hesitation.

I've lately found myself filling the thermos and the Kleen Kanteen, then carrying along my Kleen Kanteen as a backup. Which actually works quite well.. as the thermos will still often have ice in it to cool down the warm Kleen Kanteen water when I marry the two.

Also, after a thorough washing, I noticed the one I bought for my dad still smelled of coffee from the time before. This doesn't deter me, though. It only makes me want to buy a second one- one for water, one for everything else.

Also, I've recently bought the new wine karafe that Kleen Kanteen makes- which is essentially identical to the older ones except for the nice maroon color and the writing of 'wine' in different languages on the side (makes for a great country-guessing game!)- but I've been disappointed in my 2 week trial in that:

1. The paint is already beginning to chip off and I don't remember being particularly rough with it.

2. The lid seems inferior to the older versions and has leaked with my usually-adequate-tightening-strength. (Joe, resist.) Kev has one of the newer Kleen Kanteens too and I always second guessed his over-tightening as a result of the few times it leaked in his computer bag. No longer. Not a good combo.

That said, I will try one of my old tops on my newer Kleen Kanteen, but I foresee nothing replacing my Nissan Thermos for a long time.

The Caroline Chronicles said...

Joe, you'll have to let me know what you think once your bottle arrives. As for being a water bottle geek, it's something I've only recently "come out" about. I've been pleased to learn that there are literally dozens of other such geeks among us! I feel like Tobias in AD when he thinks he has stumbled upon the secret that George Michael is a "never nude" (of course George Michael is only wearing a body suit to impress his cousin, not because he's a never nude, although Tobias doesn't realize this and this is all beside the point). In any case, I hope I'm not being presumptuous in stating that you sound like you might have an affinity for water bottles yourself... if that is the case, I hope you know that I understand more than you'll "never know".

The Caroline Chronicles said...

Maggie, I was totally set to market my sling on and was heart broken to see that people are already selling tons of way better slings:

On another note, you should totally sell stuff on Like those skirts you made last Chrismtas - you could definitely sell those suckers!