Sunday, August 31, 2008

My new obsession -

Elmo's Bathing Suit

As many of you know, Baby Elms is "leash trained"; by that I mean she minimally resists my attempts to "walk her" and will tolerate your putting a collar and leash on her so long as you refer to them as her "bathing suit". Here she is in her "bathing suit" enjoying a scenic drive to Mat's for an afternoon of empiricalling, Mario Karting, and window sill sitting -

The Piedmont

Their french toast is INSANE; it tastes like a cake smothered in doughnut with a pancake in the middle. Also, the waitress informed me that "raw sugar" is indistinguishable from "processed sugar", when I asked for just the good old white stuff. I sensed a hint of snarkiness in her comment, but, then again, it was early and I hadn't yet had my coffee...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Statistics Question:

Quick question: Does anyone out there know how you should interpret results from an independent t-test if your sample sizes are unequal? Specifically, I am showing significant differences at Time 1 (subsequent to any treatment) with regards to a sample of completers compared to noncompleters. 20 people completed the treatment, while only 8 dropped out. Should I take the significant differences between these groups seriously, or does the fact that the non-completers group only consisted of 8 subjects undermine the strength of this finding? I am clearly hoping that I DO NOT have significant differences between completers and non-completers at Time 1, although if there are, I will need to include this in my discussion and perhaps account for any discrepancies in later analysis. Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated!

Glow worms

New hair cuts bring some cats shame...

Friday, August 8, 2008

My One and Only Moment

In the last game of our season I managed to actually CATCH one of the fly balls! You can't see the ball in this pic, or me for that matter, but trust me, it happened and it was spectacular:)